Market Updates

Adversity and Opportunity – Synonyms?

February 17, 2009
Adversity and Opportunity – Synonyms?   Years ago, I came across a statement that claimed the Chinese had a word for adversity which was synonymous with opportunity. Upon digging a little deeper, I must admit to finding no evidence of a word …

Saving the System!

April 01, 2008
Saving the System!   How did our mortgage and credit markets get into such turmoil, and how did it happen so quickly? It is almost impossible to pick up a newspaper without seeing a reference to this predicament. Billion dollar writedowns hav…

Bumps in the Road

August 01, 2007
Bumps in the Road   You may have noticed that the stock and bond markets have come across some rocky roads of late. It’s not just that we have been heading south; it’s simply that the ups and downs are proving to be a little disconcerting. On…

The Beauty and the Beast

July 01, 2006
The Beauty or the Beast   If you have been in the stock market for more than a decade, you know the Market can be either of these. Late in 1999, I was in my office talking with a businessman and prospective client. A mutual fund salesman had …

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

May 05, 2005
Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds   Over twenty years ago, I was talking with a young securities attorney in Key Biscayne with the objective of having him open an account with me. During the course of our conversations…

“Weak economy?. . . then buy Stocks!”

September 23, 2004
September 23, 2004 “Weak economy?. . . then buy Stocks!” A great benefit associated with this business is that it has given me the opportunity to work with some highly intelligent clients (and you know who you are). I have been fortunate in being …

“Ain’t nobody ever made no money in bonds?”

February 19, 2004
Februrary 19, 2004 “Ain’t nobody ever made no money in bonds?” Eleven years ago I traveled to Baltimore at the request of a friend, who at that time was managing the local office of Legg Mason. He had asked me to speak with some of the people in t…

Following the Herd – To Buy or Not to Buy

July 01, 2003
Following the Herd – To Buy or Not to Buy   What is it about the stock market that gives us an overwhelming impulse to zig when we should zag. As markets hit a frenzied pace and good news abounds, we cannot pay enough for the privilege of own…
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