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Roundup Weed Killer Chemical

Roundup Weed Killer Chemical

Anyone exposed to Roundup weed killer chemical Glyphosate may have a claim against its manufacturer, Monsanto. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma after repeated exposure to Roundup, you could be awarded a significant amount of money in a court of law- find out more when you contact one of our product specialists from Your Case Worth. We can answer your questions when you call and help move your case forward- please give us a call when you’re ready to file your claim in court and hold Monsanto responsible.

What is My Monsanto Case Worth?

If your medical condition is linked to Roundup weed killer chemical exposure, you could win millions or billions of dollars in a courtroom, depending on different factors. You’ll find interesting news stories and updates on cases being tried around the country when you visit our website and explore the free resources found there. As justice advocates, we realize money is never an adequate substitution for loss of health or life, yet within our justice system, financial compensation is the only recourse consumers may have when going up against a huge corporation like Monsanto. Together, we can hold them accountable for unjust actions.

Why Did Monsanto Change Their Name to Bayer?

Monsanto wants consumers to think they’re no longer in business and therefore no longer financially responsible for damages caused by Roundup- but that’s not the case. Even after Bayer acquired Monsanto in 2016, the company Monsanto is still being held accountable in courts across the US- and they’re paying out billions of dollars in compensation. You could receive your share of the next settlement when you have your case added to an upcoming class-action lawsuit. Monsanto’s attempt to retire their name in favor of a more positive public image is simply one more tactic in a long line of questionable activity by the corporation.

Will Monsanto Face Criminal Charges?

CEOs higher up the ladder may eventually face criminal charges for some or all of their actions, which include:

  • Refusing to remove their Roundup weed killer chemical product from shelves after finding out it caused cancer
  • Forcing farmers across the US into bankruptcy
  • Cross-contaminating organic fields with genetically-modified seed
  • Perpetrating lies about their product on a global scale
  • Modifying facts about their product’s effectiveness and safety
  • Causing famine abroad by making false claims about their product

Your Case is Important

At Your Case Worth, we can assess the strength of your Monsanto Roundup case and help you take the next step in your lawsuit. Don’t wait until Monsanto has paid out the bulk of its worth and has little left to settle your case- now is the time to get your case in front of a judge. Holding Monsanto accountable means other large corporations will think twice before trying to take advantage of consumers who use their products. Our justice system is not perfect, but it remains the best way for victims of companies like Monsanto to seek compensation for damages or harm.

Roundup Weed Killer Chemical
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