Smooth Sailing into 2024

For a smooth start to the new year, take a moment to check where you are.

As another year comes to an end one of the best things you can do to make the upcoming year run smoothly is to take a few minutes to review where you are with your financial picture.  Here are some suggestions of what that yearend review might include.

  1. Review your financial plan; How did you do? Do you have any pending large purchases or changes that you need to consider for the upcoming year? If you have an IRA would converting to a Roth IRA, make sense?
  2. Get a jump on your taxes. A tax professional can help you decide if deferring income might benefit you from a tax point of view.  Perhaps a charitable donation would make sense?
  3. Review the stated objectives and risk tolerance associated with your investment accounts. Are they still valid and appropriate?
  4. Think about estate planning. Is your will current?  If you have trust, is it current?  It’s vital to keep trustee designations and beneficiaries’ current.
  5. Review your employee benefits. Are you fully utilizing your employers 401K match?  Have you contributed the maximum allowed to your IRA?  Are you utilizing a Health Savings Account?
  6. Review your household budget and update as needed.
  7. Review the beneficiaries named on each of your accounts.
  8. Review your Trusted Contacts on each investment account.

We would be happy to help you through this process. Call Sara-Bay and speak with one of our advisors.


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