What can a Financial Advisor do for me?

Behavioral Finance is a subfield of behavioral economics.  It looks at the psychological influences and biases that affect financial behaviors.   It is essentially a look behind the actions of individuals as it relates to their finances.

Money and finances tend to be very potent topics. In periods of high stress, high volatility, high uncertainty, investors may have the tendency to make quick decisions and make changes to their portfolio that could prove detrimental to their long-term investment objectives.

Financial professionals are uniquely positioned to guide investors through periods of uncertainty by emphasizing the importance of a steady, long-term perspective. Advisors who emphasize a disciplined approach, and who focus on maintaining well-diversified portfolios and suitable asset allocations, can empower investors to feel less anxious and to stay aligned with their overarching financial goals.

Investors have been shown to have a strong aversion to risk and loss.  These innately skewed points of view can bias decisions.  We like to think we are making rational decisions, but truth be told, we are often driven by our fears and desires. An Advisor with an objective view is less likely to be affected by these emotional responses.

A fiduciary investment advisor is required by law to put your interests first, meaning before their own. Such an investment professional can help to keep your investments within your own risk tolerance, while continuing to move toward your investment goals.

A fiduciary advisor who brings the needed investment knowledge along with an awareness of the concerns investors harbor can truly be an excellent choice for a financial partner.

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