What is so special about Independent Research?

Investment research is essential in evaluating a specific company and determining what, if any, investment opportunities it may offer.

Many individual investors tend to make financial decisions based on common beliefs or theoretical assumptions, such as growth means high risk, efficient market theory, or value stocks versus growth stocks. These common assumptions and theories aim to speed up the decision-making process. However, it’s a poor practice in terms of risk management as it fails to do the needed research and analysis.1

Many, if not most, investment firms follow the parent company’s investment advice which is likely to be influenced by the agendas of the financial institutions and may not align with the investor’s goals.

Independent research requires a good bit of time and effort. The researcher must be able to acquire quality data and possess the ability to analyze the data. The act of research requires deep dives into financial statements, investment trends, and economic factors and fosters a deeper understanding of an investment and can lead to more informed decisions.

Independent research allows for unbiased research without being influenced by financial institutions or companies.  This can lead to more objective analysis and decision making. Independent researchers have the flexibility to explore and may uncover unique opportunities that others may have missed.

Independent researchers can react quickly to changing market conditions, as they are not restricted by corporate bureaucracy.

Independent researchers have control over their investment decisions, allowing them to align their investment strategies with your risk tolerance and financial goals.

At Sara-Bay Financial we are proud of doing our own independent research and our methods have stood the test of time. We’re making our own path right here in beautiful Sarasota!

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1 https://coresignal.com/blog/investment-research/

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