What’s so special about a family owned and operated local business?

Sara-Bay was started here in Sarasota and continues to be a local family-owned and operated business 30 years later.  What might that mean for our clients?

Family owned and locally operated businesses are often more focused on developing relationships.  Our clients are often our neighbors, other professionals, and local business owners. Relationships are the basis of our success.    By the same token, because we share the same location as many of our clients, we also share many of the same concerns and, like you, feel a strong connection to our community.  We make a point of giving back on a regular basis.  Just ask us.

Family-owned businesses can often be more adaptive and flexible.  We are able to react quickly, if not proactively, to changing business environments. There is no large chain of command that must be consulted before there can be action.  We’re a small, like-minded family.

When the business owner is directly involved in the day-to-day operations they tend to feel a greater sense of accountability.  Clients can more easily communicate with the decision makers and have their concerns addressed directly.  We don’t even have voice mail!  No phone menus to negotiate.

Finally, family-owned businesses often have a deep passion for their work. This is evident here at Sara-Bay.   This passion and the expertise and dedication to quality are often passed through generations to generations.  After all, it’s their family’s legacy.

Consider partnering with Sara-Bay.  We’ll gladly welcome you to the family!


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