Market Updates

Is your Financial Advisor a Fiduciary?

May 31, 2023
A fiduciary financial advisor is a professional who has a legal and ethical obligation to act in their clients’ best interests. They must prioritize the clients’ interests over their own when providing advice and recommendations. Here are some thi…

How can I determine the right advisor for me?

May 24, 2023
Choosing an advisor can be an important decision, as it can have a significant impact on your future.  Here are some considerations to help you determine if an advisor is right for you: Your needs: First, consider your needs and what you hope to …

Do stocks provide a hedge against inflation?

May 16, 2023
  Yes, some stocks can provide some measure of protection against inflation. Companies that have pricing power can increase their prices as inflations rises. (Monopolies and oligopolies have control over their prices as they have no competiti…

Crisis De Jour

March 29, 2023
A couple of weeks ago we learned Silicon Valley Bank, a California lender to technology companies, startups, and venture capital companies, was insolvent and closing shop. Within days the contagion spread to Signature Bank, a New York based instit…

Market Update

November 14, 2022
“All stock market declines are temporary interruptions of the permanent uptrend.”- Nick Murray From Mike Hard: The above is a quote from Nick Murray. Nick Murray has been a financial advisory professional for more than fifty years. He is one of th…

Market Drops & Historical Perspectives

April 05, 2022
Market Drops & Historical Perspectives It was September of 1939 and Germany invaded Poland. This was an incursion that would subsequently entangle virtually all of Europe, but would eventually involve Japan, Russia, the United States, and othe…

Fear – A Great Sell Motivator, But Frequently Misleading

February 08, 2022
Fear – A Great Sell Leader, But Frequently Misleading  The most recent fear to visit the investment community is the Coronavirus. Unless you are living under a cactus in a remote desert, this is not news to you. This infection first appeared in De…

December and January Drop in the Market

February 02, 2022
The stock market doesn’t need a valid reason to fall into a correction.  Invariably, holders of stock, especially those who have not been investors, who may be new to investing, will ask their investment consultants and advisors what made this hap…

The Fear and Opportunity of Shakeouts

May 01, 2021
We decided several years ago that when talking with prospective clients, we needed to broach a particular topic.  Simply put, it is this:  Our very best stocks have periods when they fall.  Whether you refer to this as a pullback, a correction, a …
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